New Bug fixes and updates based on user feedback:

Part 3 Intro
1. Changed text and added choices during the scene with Heather entering your room.
2. Fixed text when meeting Candace and Mindy after arriving at the cathedral.
3. Fixed text when Uncle Lou is climbing a ladder.
4. Corrected typos when using molotov cocktails on zombies when defending the cathedral.
5. Fixed an error in the depot section occuring when blocking the front door.
6. Fixed text when breaking into the depot related to the overhead camera.

Part 3 Month 1
1. Added a relationship check for Emma at the beginning when she brings your breakfast.
2. Added a check which adds text if you allowed Heather to take all of her bags in the city escape scene.
3. Increased your relationship with Candace if you choose to build a lab as a scientist.
4. Increased the amount of water produced from a carpenter’s water filtration system.
5. Reduced offensive rating from the choice “Improving the cathedral’s defenses in case of attack” and increased offensive rating from the choice “Training others in the use of weapons”.
6. Based relationship changes off of charisma if you choose “Being a social support for others”.